University Projects

My biggest project whilst at University was writing and directing my own greenlit short film, which you can find out more about here.

The House my Family Built

However I also pitched back in February 2021 for a 90 second 2d short film named ‘The House my Family Built’, which told the story of a meek and cowardly girl having to defend her home from a werewolf during an eclipse. Unfortunately, due to a lack of preparation I hadn’t prepared enough materials and did not get the greenlight. Below you can see my pitch, recorded due to the covid-19 situation (excuse my terrible mic quality).

This year, I also collaborated on a few other greenlit projects, which taught me a lot about other production pipelines and how to work efficiently within a creative team.


Ghost Poster


Ghost Post Tells the story of a supernatural postman realising the importance of his job, delivering letters to the departed from the loved ones they left behind. It is a Mixed Media short film, with 3D modelled backgrounds and 2D Character animation.  The Project is directed by Rosanna Blanks and produced by Hayleigh Wallis, with Animation supervision from Jem Rae.

On this project I became a core member, attending project review meetings biweekly and taking shots to key, in between or clean-up. In the video below you can see a selection of my work from the project. You can find updates on the film at

Eyes Poster


Eyes follows Yassin, who after fleeing his flat during an intense panic attack finds himself launched into a surreal mindscape where whispers of his subconscious attack him at every turn. The film has 2D character animation with 3D backgrounds, and is a 3-minute experimental film. The Project is directed by Dea Panayotova  and produced by Ryan Imbierski, with animation supervision from Mingailè Matija, Dea and Myself.

On this Project I performed a multitude of roles, predominantly acting as a key artist and revisionist, eventually graduating to an animation supervisor due to my consistent success in staying on model and understanding timing and motion. I also completed some in-betweens and clean-up, as well as being a live-action assistant during greenscreen shooting. You can find updates on the film at

Close Up Poster


Close-up is a dark romance 2D short film, following photographer Han’s ensnaring love for Daniel. The short is Directed by Somto Onyishi and produced by Hayleigh Wallis, With animation supervision by Somto, Thea Fallmyr Handeland and Jasmine So.

On this film my main role was a key artist, with the occasional in-between or clean-up in the final film. Close-up’s supervision and feedback team were probably the most intense and fine-eyed to mistakes, sending back my first shot for 6 iterations, which made it all the more rewarding later in the project when after a few approved shots I was asked to perform some key revision. You can find updates on the film at


Jelly Baby follows the quest of an infant to sneakily acquire the jelly in the highest cupboard whilst trying not to awaken his monstrous mother. The film is a 3 minute stop-motion action horror directed by Mikhail Lushnikov and produced by Charlotte Adams-Stone.

This film I noticed had lots of little jobs that were taking up the valuable time of skilled stop-motion animators. Wanting to help out and with a few free gaps between meetings on campus, I assisted in painting backgrounds and props so that production could proceed faster and smoother.